Play and Pie in Terre Haute

Originally planning to explore the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, due to “no room at any of the inns,” we drove on to Terre Haute where we discovered they had a Children’s Museum of their own.  Yes!

IMG_0885 IMG_0884Located in the heart of downtown Terre Haute, Indiana, we arrived as soon as the doors opened.  Our discoveries far exceeded our expectations:  a two-story tree house to climb, a trick mirror to gaze at, a cow to milk, a bubble to stand in, a live beehive to study, a news hour to host, balance and reach to measure, body temperatures to gauge (yes, my body was bright pink on the monitor . . . periomenopausal, Baby!), dinosaur fossils to unearth, and animals to race to name a few.

After 2+ hours, we had to convince the kiddos it was time to eat (at Grand Traverse Pie Company) and make our way home to Illinois.

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