Five Minute Friday: Fill

Fill.  When I think of fill, I think of how many little hearts I would like to fill with love.  Coming from a less than ideal childhood where I felt as if I was on the back burner most of the time, where my parents didn’t seem to consider the consequences of their actions in regards to their children, where two siblings lived in separate households an hour and a half drive from each other during their formative years, where my mother’s immediate exit from my father resulted in a marriage to another man became the new norm for an eight-year-old.


Now having an eight-year-old of my own, I see this as God giving me the opportunity to fill this little girl’s heart with as much love as possible, and this is what I strive to do day after day.  The Hub and I tried desperately to have this little girl for close to four years. . .  and I mean desperately.  Thus, she is a gift from God we do not take for granted, but cherish.  She is wanted, and we shower her with our love on a daily basis.

Hearing or reading about a child’s heart who is not being filled or has not been filled is difficult.  For, I truly believe, every child is an opportunity for a heart to be filled.

Write for five minutes, and share your idea of FILL  here.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Fill

  1. Hey, I’m your neighbor from FMF! Children are a gift from God. You are blessed indeed to have her in your life; and filling her daily with love and affection is a wonderful thing. Thankfully, God gives us many chances to “do better” than we had done to us. Loving her is your “do better.” Have a great weekend!

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  2. Your love for little ones shines through in this post. So glad you are “filling” your daughter and giving her something that lacked in your own childhood. I love how we can in a sense redeem our pasts by treasuring and embracing those opportunities to love others ways that may have been lacking in our past…if that makes sense.

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