Writing Workshop Wednesdays (4)

This past week I visited the magnificent Cleveland Public Library.  I enjoyed walking the various floors in this historic building and took the time to peruse their stacks.  An underground walkway connects to a technology annex.  Yes, I had goosebumps while exploring.  While walking the length of the connecting hallway, there was a large chalkboard painted on the wall with a writing prompt.  This space was filled with chalk answers in all colors, a truly dynamic presentation.  So, this week’s prompt is borrowed from the Cleveland Public Library.


Finish the sentence below.

Before I die I want to . . .  _________________________________________________________________________.

Write your response in the comments section or add a link to your site by simply clicking the button below.

2 thoughts on “Writing Workshop Wednesdays (4)

  1. watch my children thrive into adulthood, write that book, laugh a lot more with the Hub, make as many children as I can feel special and loved, inspire others to write, spread kindness, card shower as many peeps as possible, encourage others to own the love of reading, be a witness to peeps being respectful of the meaning of the RSVP, grow in my faith, continue to build my “backbone,” love even more.


  2. I want to know my life counted for something, continue to grow in my faith. I want to know my children and grandchildren understand the depth to which they are loved by me, but more importantly by God. I would like to visit Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, the Holocaust Museum in DC. I want to stand and drink in the majesty of the Rockies one more time with my arms open wide, the wind in my face, and my husband at my side.

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