Writing Workshop Wednesdays (1)

Why do you write?

I write to understand, process, share, and be heard.  Writing allows me to find my position on subjects, archive my memories, and most importantly, show others my love for them.

In writing about books, I hope to infect others with my passion for reading as Professor Manuela Mourao did for me over twenty years ago.
Faced with a cancer diagnosis in 2011, I was motivated more than ever to capture my thoughts and ideas on this blog for my girls as well as others to reaffirm we are not alone.  One day, perhaps, my daughters will read my writing and connect with their mom on another, more intimate level, or at the very least, know I was a writer who constantly worked on honing her craft.

Now, it is YOUR turn to answer this week’s Writing Workshop Wednesdays prompt. . .

Why do YOU write? 

5 thoughts on “Writing Workshop Wednesdays (1)

  1. I tend to ask myself this question after a full day's writing and I only managed to crank out 500 words.

    I think I write for different reasons depending on the type of writing. I think I write fiction as a sort of creative compulsion. Of course I'd love to be published, write a bestseller etc etc but most of the time what gets me to put fingers to keyboard is a need to make sense of a story that I already have formed in my head.

    I also write as part of my day job but it is a very different endeavour. Here I write because I want to publish findings of my work, because it's expected of the industry and because I want to connect with colleagues doing interesting work in the field.

    Finally, I recently started up a new blog, which I also think is borne out of creative compulsion but also out of a desire to connect. I often have thoughts related to issues that are not strictly storytelling and not work related and the blog is an effort to take part in a larger discussion where I have the freedom to say whatever comes to mind.

    I can imagine that the desire to be heard is a motivating factor for many writers.


  2. Caroline, thank you for sharing! Do you write for enjoyment daily? Are you able to carve out the time? Be sure to add a link to your blog above by clicking the blue button. So glad we connected.


  3. Yes.but not on a regular basis. My bad luck is that usually,i do not get that much amount of time from my job so that i can contribute my self in the writing field. Having said that, I am an avid reader and whenever i get my free time, i read. Now-a-days, I am reading some of the greatest short stories written by world famous authors like O.Henry, Guy De Maupassant, Khalil Gibran and many more. I would love to contribute my self in the fields of writing and reading. Thanks!


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