Habitat for Humanity ReStore Finds

If you haven’t visited your local Habitat for Humanity Restore, you need to . . .  Love digging through piles of used materials due to the endless upcycling/repurposing possibilities?  Then, this is the place for you.

To date, I have visited the Sullivan, IL, ReStore, the Collinsville, IL, ReStore, and the St. Louis (Forest Park), MO, ReStore, and this is what I discovered.

Purchased at the Collinsville ReStore

A school-grade bulletin board purchased for $5.  I simply spray-painted it black, pinned my kiddos’ artwork on it, and hung it above the mantle for a rotating display of creativity.  Can you see the flaw in the cork?  I can’t either.  I covered the small problem area with a painting, or a piece of fabric stapled to the front (my BFF’s idea) would work, too.

A return visit a week later resulted in a $15/dresser badly in need of a paint job and new pulls.  My youngest directed me as to which drawers would be painted what and selected the pulls from The Home Depot.  The result . . . pinkalicious storage for my daughter’s room.

Purchased at the Collinsville ReStore

Since I like to pretend with my girls we are eating in a French bistro (Fancy Nancy-esque), I scored this frosted glass window for $5, did absolutely nothing to it except hang it on the wall (okay, the hub hung it), and use it to write our daily menus.  Ooh la la!

Purchased at the St. Louis (Forest Park) ReStore

Have you visited a ReStore?  What did you discover?

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