If you are like me, you enjoy observing people, wondering what their stories are . . .  Everyone has a story to tell.

While at the park yesterday, I could overhear a personal trainer and his client.

Trainer:  “Your form is a thousand times better than anyone I’ve worked with.  Seriously.”

Trainee:  “Really?”

Later in the session . . .

Trainee misses punching target and accidentally clips Trainer.

Trainee:  “I’m sorry.”

Trainer:  “It’s okay.  I’ve been hit thousands of times.”

For me as one who enjoys writing, I think our best “stories” come from those around us and those “stories” we have experienced ourselves.  As a reader/observer, the pleasure comes from trying to decipher these stories.

When I asked my hub his take on the above conversation, he replied, “He wants to do her.”

When I asked my girlfriend, her reply, “Trainers are salesmen.”

What stories have you witnessed?  What are your interpretations?

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