Learn More about Author Giampaolo de Silva

A film that brings tears to your eyes . . .
Marley & Me

Describe your first kiss.
summer night,14 years old, party on the beach.She was my same age.I felt exciting and agitated but it was not bad at all
Your favorite children’s book, and why . . .

An Italian book,Black Jesus by Federico Buffa.Because tells anecdotes about basketball playground.
A cause that’s closest to your heart, and why . . .
the abandonment of dogs,because for me it is a despicable person who does that
If you could be a character in any novel, who would you be and why?
Achilles of Iliad for his incredible courage and determination
Explain the worst job that you’ve held. 

distribution of pamphlets because of low compensation
A quote that motivates you . . .  
“Limits like fears, is often just an illusion” by Michael Jeffrey Jordan
Three Wishes . . .
graduate,rosy future and happiness

The title of that one song you would take with you on that deserted island. . .
Uomini persi by Claudio Baglioni (Italian singer)
Favorite game you played as a child . . .

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?

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