Learn More about Author Darion Simmons

A film that brings tears to your eyes . . .

Friday Night Lights
Describe your first kiss.
It was like any other kiss. I hate kissing though.
Your favorite children’s book, and why . . .
I don’t have one. I really hate reading.

A cause that’s closest to your heart, and why . . .
Sports, I love being around them, in them. I LOVE SPORTS.
If you could be a character in any novel, who would you be and why?
I would want to be the hulk. Why because he is the best superhero.
Explain the worst job that you’ve held. 

A quote that motivates you . . .  
Three Wishes . . .
<!–td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}I would wish for more wishes. Then I would wish for good hair genes. Finally I would wish for all of my wishes to go away and live my life the way it was supposed to be.

Favorite game you played as a child . . .

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?
An experience to never forget where you came from.

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