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A film that brings tears to your eyes . . . 
Love Story

Describe your first kiss.
I was a young teenager in a workers’ hotel in England with my parents. An older girl asked me to come to her room. With no such experience, I assumed it was a game of some sort. She began kissing me. I took off..
Your favorite children’s book, and why . . .

Whooba Monsters, which my oldest daughter and I prepared when she was a child, then played the game throughout her and her siblings youth, now with grandchildren.

A cause that’s closest to your heart, and why . . .

Operation Next Chapter, which has opened a whole new vista of giving back. I have also discovered The Dorr in New York City that will be an object of my philanthropy in the future. Both are quite amazing. 

If you could be a character in any novel, who would you be and why?
I would be John C. Jaegerman in the Riddle of Berlin because he is a character that I created many years ago. In hindsight, I was writing about my own emotional feelings at the time.
Explain the worst job that you’ve held.
Any job where I am told what to do. I like freedom to achieve a result in my own way. I have done the dirtiest jobs in the world.

A quote that motivates you . . .

“I have a dream . . . .”

The title of the one song you would take with you on that deserted island . . .

Perhaps Love.

Three Wishes
1. To love and give.
2. To be loved and appreciated.
3. To give back, providing whatever of my experience in life can benefit younger generations.
Favorite game you played as a child . . .
Whiffle ball.

What would you like readers to take away from your writing?

Thoughtful emotional identity with my characters.

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