I (Heart) A Chef’s Life

Finally deciding to take the plunge, the hub and I decided to unsubscribe from DirecTV.  Faithful subscribers for over ten years, we grew tired of calling every six months once their “deal” expired and our monthly bill skyrocketed.  Add on the fact there was never much on the 300+ channels which held both of our interests besides Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, a ROKU box was in our immediate future.  The hub, our home’s IT expert extraordinaire whom the girls and I constantly pester once the printer fails to print, rose to the challenge.  Not only was he able to teach all three of us how to use the remote control in one lesson, but he hooked me on an informative cooking series on PBS, A Chef’s Life.

This series which premiered in September on PBS follows the life of Chef Vivian Howard as she creates dynamic menus from seasonal ingredients for her and her husband’s  restaurant, The Chef and the Farmer.  Addicting, not only does the viewer learn about indigenous ingredients to Eastern North Carolina, but also connects with her on a personal level as she juggles the roles of mother and wife.  After years of FoodTV and, more recently, The Cooking Channel, which has evolved from informative viewing to cooking contests, it was encouraging to watch a television show and actually learn something more than how to incorporate a gummie skeleton head into a main course.

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