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My friend, Sarah Kirkpatrick, introduced me to, and I absolutely fell in love.  A site devoted to making others feel better through anonymous “love letters” is right up my writing alley.
Deciding to test the waters on my writing class with this site, the results far exceeded my expectations.  My students were asked to visit the site, read through the request for love letters, and chooose to respond to the one need which spoke to him/her.
What ensued was a healthy pile of heartfelt writing;  tears flowed when I read through their letters.  Told to be creative with font, color, etc., one student thought outside the box by including humorous pictures in his letter for Brooks.

Dear Brooks,
I heard about the things that you have gone through and just wanted to say that you are one brave little guy. What you’ve gone through is definitely tougher than anything I’ve experienced. Your friends and family must be very proud of how tough you’ve been throughout your rough times.
Your determination and bravery can be a huge inspiration to everyone around you and to all of those (like myself) that hear about your story. In the future, whenever I am going through something tough, I’ll think of Brooks and how brave he was to get through what he experienced.
Anyway, I found your story really inspiring and hope you have a GREAT DAY!!!
        Here’s some pictures that make me laugh. (Hope you like dogs)

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