10 Perks of Breast Cansah

1.  Newly found muscles thanks to FREE workout sessions with Joy.

2.  Docs now tend to pay attention when you say you aren’t feeling well.

3.  FREE chardonnay

Given at the SIUE Women’s Basketball Breast Cancer Awareness Game

4.  Learning artistic skills through the complimentary classes offered at COCA for breast cancer survivors.

5.  Perky Boobs

6.  FREE pink t-shirts

Shared Story at the SIUE Breast Cancer Walk and Received this Cute T

7.  Walking more miles than you’d ever dreamed of walking during the course of one weekend.

39.3 Mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

8.  Connecting with some amazing women blessings through Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program (YWBCP).

9.  An unforgettable tale to tell . . .

10.  Living a more intentional, savor-the-moment life.

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