Luanne Rice’s Secrets of Paris Book Club

I’m always curious as to how someone discovers a new read.  Was it due to an intriguing review?  A friend’s suggestion?  A gift?  In this case, I stumbled across Rice’s Secrets of Paris while perusing the bookshelves at the condo where we were staying in Florida.  I was hoping for a light read, and this is exactly what I found in the pages.
This novel is a story of a married couple who recently transferred to Paris after a tragic death in the family.  What ensues is betrayal, discovery, and a new lease on life.
As stated above, Rice’s novel in question is light and perfect for reading while on the beach or resting between outings, but I found when it was over, the novel, overall, lacked development in both characterization and plot.  The familial tragedy mentioned above was never fully explained, the betrayal occurring in Paris had a nice neat conclusion after a brief discussion, and a full-blown besties friendship bloomed after a brief passing of the sugar in a cafe.  Although a quick, entertaining read, I wanted more from the pages when it was all said and done and wished for a main female protagonist with more backbone.
For the purposes of book club, a Paris backdrop complete with French delicacies would certainly set the mood:  crusty bread, assorted cheeses, macaroons, and profiteroles.  Oooh la la!

Luanne Rice

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