Night at the Museum

The Fam

Maybe you’ve seen the movie Night at the Museum, but have you had a chance to live it?  We did just that last night.  Hearing about this event from a fellow Girl Scout troop leader, Tonya Yanchunas, my family and I signed up for this adventure.  What’s nice to know is that one need not be a Girl Scout to participate in this Night at the Museum.  The girls had never been to the Arch, so this was a perfect opportunity.  

This view makes my belly feel  oogey googey.

For $15/person, a ride to the top of the Arch, free parking, a meal (comprised of hot dog, chips, water, and cookie), nine activities, and a child’s (3-15) ticket for a Gateway Arch Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise are included.  Shazam!  Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Right before entering the egg-shaped elevator to the top.
We’re on the way to the top of the Arch and not sure what to think.
“I can see the Cardinals from here!”
Working on one of the nine activities . . .
A completed Night at the Museum log.
A visit to the gift shop will result in fun patches . . .

or a book to remember this adventure.

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