Janet Evanovich’s Metro Girl Book Club

Perusing the aisles at the quaintest little library (my new favorite), Maryville Community Library in Maryville, IL, I could not help but peruse the Evanovich titles as I always do.  Metro Girl caught my eye with its brightly-colored book jacket, so I flicked it loose from the shelf with my index finger and scanned the back synopsis.  Having continued withdrawals from the early Stephanie Plum series, I decided to give it a try.
Interesting enough, Evanovich’s main characters, Alex and Hooker, are fair-haired, but they do remind the reader of characters, Steph and Morelli (which is not disappointing to say the least).  The sexual tension builds throughout this novel as together Alex and Hooker overcome trouble and solve mystery after mystery.  Hooker’s protective ways and Alex’s independence mirror scenes read about in Jersey although the setting this time is Miami.
A quick, entertaining read which should be discussed over seafood (stone crabs anyone??) such as at the Gulf Shores Restaurant and Grill (yummo!).

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