Excuse Me, Your Fingers Are Resting in My Drink

     “Excuse me, your fingers are resting in my drink,” is probably what I should have said when I observed with shock, intrigue, and finally uncontrollable laughter as the man seated in front of me at the baseball game was allowing his fingers to do the walking in my iced beverage.  The afternoon heat was stifling even though my friend,  the ticket purchaser,  assured all of us girls that we were to be seated in the shade.  Now that I think of it, I don’t believe shade exists at Busch Stadium.  In all honestly, the imitation spanx I was wearing underneath my t-shirt was probably not helping matters in the temperature department.  Anyway, the man one row ahead did the exaggerated yawn move and then stretched his arm across the back of his date’s shoulders.  The problem herein is when he then let his fingers simply drop off the back of the chair.  These fingers in question immediately found refuge in my salted- rim margarita to which I had only enjoyed two sips.  What comes next is the intrigue.  Instead of instant recognition of the error of his ways, he allowed his pointing and middle fingers to bask in the coolness of the pale-green liquid.  My eyes were now glued to this finger-drama unfolding in front of me, and I was unable to turn away.  After what seemed like minutes, he finally lifted his fingers from the scene of the crime only to rub his finger pads together- in an attempt to remove the salt- in my full line of vision.  Sitting a little straighter in my seat awaiting an offer of a replacement drink (to which I would have waved away) or an apology at the least, he leaned close to the woman next to him and whispered into her ear.  I don’t believe the verbiage in question included romantic overtures because both sets of shoulders in front of me began shaking.  They were giggling like schoolkids at my thirst’s expense, and I was finding this behavior quite contagious.  I then told the tale in a soft voice to my buddies on either side of me, and the laughter found root and spread. 
     Keeping in mind The Love Dare’s theme of Day 1, patience, I am so grateful this was in the back of my mind.  Allowing events to unfold without interruptions resulted in an entertaining, unforgettable minuet.

2 thoughts on “Excuse Me, Your Fingers Are Resting in My Drink

  1. NASTY, but so true. Hey, it did give us a good laugh as we were watching our team lose with only ONE hit the entire game.


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